Saturday, May 19, 2007

Silver Bullets Bangalore - The maiden ride

The first things in life always have great importance - the first love, first bike, first job... & first ride!

My first group ride was a real special affair - 270 kms Bangalore - Madikeri ride was 400 kms odd, don't ask me how! All sort of things happened on that ride, all new riders riding in every directions possible and with an erratic coordination & communication on the ride. In spite of all the mess ups it was a great experience and a great insight to what we were lacking! Some of my friends here, who are now seasoned bikers and who were there in that ride, can vouch for the great experience we had on that ride!

Silver Bullets Bangalore chapter had 10+ members for quite sometime and it was decided in our first meet in cafe coffee day that we should ride as often as we can. So this ride happened!

By the time the proposal to ride was posted by Anup on group I had got my transfer orders to Gurgaon! I was sad! I have great friends here, not to mention anyone in particular - everyone has been so good. All my biker friends, and this place Bangalore - Oh my gawd! I'll miss all of them! Anyhow, this sense of loss lasted till I had a couple of beers!

Its life! We move on, with the good memories. I'll cherish the time I had here, and will remember my friends & the brotherhood I enjoyed with these wonderful guys. At the same time its time for me to make my parents happy and mebbe time for me to become a Royal Beaster!!

So, I joined the ride :) - Even if its my last ride with these guys Let us make it to the fullest. So the other riders joined in!

Almost all the guys were on time at the meeting point - a rather good foundation for future rides ;) - Punctuality! Shashi lead the way and all of us followed to Magadi with me being the sweep ;) - A calm, slow & peaceful ride to magadi. We had our breakfast there and then we headed on to our main destination - Savandurga. Combination of good and bad roads.

We trekked up to the first wall, luckily it was cloudy then. As we were resting under a rock the clouds disappeared and we thought not to waste our energies in the hot sun.

Down the hill and on our way to Manchinabele dam. A ride through newly laid roads going through forest areas - buzzing with tons of butterflies. Two of them banged on my visor... sorry!!

This was my second visit to Manchinabele area & the first one to the dam water.
I bet this would be a great ride for pictures if done in early morning time! I think I have seen some of Srikeerthi's pix - which were real good!

It was afternoon time and was pretty hot there. Kartik and I decided to take off our shoes and take a walk in the shallow waters. That was a good experience.

I shot an introduction video there ->

While coming back we got divided in two groups - LJ, Anup and me on an offtrack and Shashi, Ajey and Kartik on a smooth track! Finally we met at Kadu Mane and had a great lunch over there.

These guys (Ajey, Anup, Shashi) had Tatte Idlis.. However, being a north Indian this thing always sounds funny to me! ROTFL kinds.. only if u know what that means :P!! Hehe

Whats there in a name! Lo - all these guys are tatte idli fans!! :P

A peaceful ride home through BMIC smooth roads - no land speed record this time, my Bull needs servicing, tyres need truing and air filter needs a replacement!

Don't know when I'll ride with SB Bangalore again, I just know that we had a great time today & I hope that these guys will keep on riding :). May the SB Bangalore chapter increase!

We'll meet again guys.. the roads never end.

Ride Stats:
Pix @
Bangalore - Magadi - Savandurga - Manchinabele dam - Kadu Mane - Bangalore
Distance: 165 kms (Approx.)

** Photo credits: Love Joshi and myself


Silpivipi said...

Muy buen blog !

Silvi, Argentina.

Kam said...

Gracias Silvi!

--xh-- said...

nice blog, sirjee. you showed teh way b4 u leave.. hope we will b able to keep it up :)

Praveen said...

Must be an yamotional ride for you :P Nice log and pictures man. Guess your next update will have pix of your bike on the snow. :)

PS: Facker, since when did unicorn qualify to be metalic!! ja tujse katti grrr....

Shashi said...

Nice blog Kam...Hoping to see same kinds when u r in Gurgaon too.

Love Joshi said...

great blog and awesome pics :) this was the first ride with you buddy, but i guess i'll miss it once you move to dilli...

LJ & Tana

Vasanth said...

Nicely written kam bhai, Surprised to see unicorn in between bulls! Would have joined you guys had i known that another non metallic bike is the group :P Newayz, will ride with you soon.

Kam said...

@ xh: You guys will do that, I believe :)
@ PKM: Senti mat ho bhai :P, it happened faster than I had thought!! This ride was my last ride here in Bangalore!! Unicorn is xh's other bike.. being a club member he is free to ride a non metallic bike :P
@ Shashi: Thanks boodee :))
@ LJ: Thanks mate, my pleasure. You will better riders than me (At least when Dada comes back ;))
@ Vasanth: Bhaiiii.. last ride ho gayi bhaiiii... apun kat rela hai jaldi hi..bhaiiii...

Jo said...

hay Kama,
I missed this action.
good blog.

Octavia said...

Well said.

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