Sunday, October 21, 2007

Morning offroad

It has happened after almost three months that I'm back on the saddle.

On and Off, thats what life is all about. All we are left with is an option and attitude to look at these ONs and OFFs and getting back on track or Sulk!

Sumeet came to my place on friday night and a call to Hitanshu set us up for this small ride to a non nondescript lake somewhere between Delhi and Faridabad.

It was a bit of offroading. I have done better offroadings in Kemmanagundi and galibore but this one felt good. Coming after a break feels good, after all!

A good part of the time was wasted in the search of the lake. It was a bit frustrating to get lost in the bushes full of thorns. Hitanshu, particularly, had a difficult time managing his way through these thorns - thanks to the three quarter he wore! For once we thought we were not going to find this lake.

We had lost all the hope and had accepted the fact that we were 'Lost'! So we decided to take the route back and bang! Few meters ahead we find the lake on the left side!

Relaxing by the lake was really fun. All of us had a great time. Pix are here

Camaan the Enjaaiment!!

Oh yeah, incidently this was somewhat 'first' ride of Silver Bullets Delhi NCR chapter as well!!

Time to plan for some trips now :D


Biker BT said...

Hey Kam,

Real Happy to see u on the road and on blog !

Thump ON !


Prabul said...

You back on road!!!
Keep bloging!!

Prashanth M said...

Good to see you back on saddles... keep riding...

looks like the backrest on your bike is back!!!

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