Sunday, January 21, 2007

RTMC Kanva ride

After a long gap of more than two and a half months I received a mail from RTMC announce list for the Kanva dam ride. Well - I didn't have any other plans and I was looking forward to this second ride. One becomes a RTMC member after completing two rides. Before this weekend I couldnt accompany Deb and his gang as I got up late ;) and went to Bheemeshwari instead.

We started at around 7.50 AM and halted at kadu Mane for breakfast. Good food! And good tea!
Kanva dam is around 70 kms from Bangalore and there is a diversion on the right side on Mysore road after some 60 kms which goes to Kanva dam.

It was a nice place and a nice ride.

We had an introduction session followed by some fun and frolic. Like the last time the group was biggg and after a while people formed small groups for chit chats n stuff.

It was a time well spent with RTMC guys and with friends Sushil, Chandra, Jobin & the gang. We relaxed by the side of the reservoir & had a stone bouncing on water competition :) Soon everyone started feeling the heat and hunger we decided to head back.

On the return leg of the ride we had tender coconuts in mysore road and then everyone started for Bangalore. Me, Chandra and Jobin wanted to take our lunch so we stopped again at Kadu Mane and had our lunch. It was a very relaxed affair for us. Came back home by 5 PM.


Prashanth M said...

nice snap.. and write-up...
Kanva is a nice place.. would love to go there again :)

Kam said...

Thanks buddy :)

Praveen said...

Nice pic kam. i have been to kanva a couple of times but where is the lake? last time i visited we stopped at the dam site.

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