Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Built like a gun

I commute my way to work on my Bullet. Every working day.

It was the usual thing as per the routine except that I had a damn bad skid today.

Thanks to the sturdy footrest on the bullets that I came unscratched (both me and bike).

I was taking a left turn to enter the soft teck park where I work - I overtook two cars to take the entrance and skidded on the road probably because I was a on a wee bit higher speed to take that road curve (Road is straight and I just have to take a left turn) plus the road was slippery (Mobil oil!!).

My tyres made a loud screech with the bike and body almost going to touch the road on the left side. It all happened so fast that I didnt even have the time to react!

I just looked down on the left side and witnessed the saving grace of my left footrest! Everyone around stopped and my security guys came to take a look, I just straightened my bike while still seated :) checked the bike for any damages and satisfied that there were none I heard security guy pointing at the skid marks and the mobil!

I said - yeah it caused a skid :D and moved on to the parking!

Kicked lightly on the left footrest to make it straight while still in the hangover of the event.

I had heard a lot of tales about the sturdy bullet footrests saving jaan & maal on so many occasions but I witnessed one for myself this morning.

Built like a gun? Ofc, yes!

Reading between the lines - Everyone is prone to mistakes, always try to be on the safer side. And I need to go a bit more careful - this oil leakage skid felt just like the skids that I used to virtually experience when playing Road Rash on computers :)


Prashanth M said...

be careful while riding buddy :)

btw chk the my log on Goa ride - its finally ready (well almost, still final day's log is pending :p)

Kam said...

Yeah :)
Galtee se mishtake ho gayi :D

Lemme check.. but where is the link??!!

born_in_the_woods said...

Good to know that you are ok!

In BIG BIG City, esmall esmall things..happen

Barde barde sheron mein.. chotti chotti batien hoti rehti hai


Kam said...

Thanks Amit ;) haan sahi kaha..

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