Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bheemeshwari revisited

As luck would have it I visited Bheemeshwari again this sunday!

I got this new RTO number plate for my bull, both the plates costed me a cool 450 bucks but the look and the feel more than compensates for the sum:

Another biker friend Deb had called me for a ride to Kanva dam, which I was thinking of going to, but I got delayed for that and decided to ride to Bheemeshwari instead with Dada, Shashi and Vasanth. We were supposed to start at 7.30 in the morning but somehow got delayed. Meanwhile I went to Dada's place to come with him and in the process clicked some gud snaps there ;)

We started at 8:30AM and rode to Bheemeshwari, taking our breakfast at some restaurant outside Bangalore. The next stop was after crossing Sathanur, we stopped by a pond to capture some Bulls in the camera.

And then the shephard also turned up. I feel these guys look in their natural best and make for a very good photograph.

Ride to Bheemeshwari is fantastic - you get to ride in some of the good roads, and some of the ghats as well.

The serene Cauvery waters at Bheemeshwari are a delight to seeker wanting to relax.

We spent our time doing chit-chats and gossipping.

Since all of us were feeling hungry we decided to fill our bellies before proceeding to the Cauvery fishing camp. Lunch was welcome, though not very tasty.

We proceeded to Cauvery fishing camp where we came to know that a reservation is required without which you can't even park your vehicles inside the campus :P!

So we moved on. Dada's bull got into reserve, and we decided to reach Halagaru instead of going back to the way we came from. The roads till Halagaru was either very good or very bad :D

We relaxed for an hour on the good stretch in the shade. It was part sleep, part gossips and part test riding :)

Dada tried Vaas's ZMA and demonstrated Vaas how to ride it well :P

Vaas, who goes good with bulls and denies so, couldn't resist the temptation and tried Dada's and Shashi's Bull machismo

And then my Bull

And even though he liked the ride very much he's still reluctant to show his admiration for Bulls :D!

Two kids appeared from nowhere and accompanied us there in the shade till we left.

Time to move further. The rest of the journey was uneventful except for the broken silencer clamp on Dada's machine. It was tied up well - by Dada himself (Who else when dada is around?)

Route: Bangalore - Kanakpura - Sathanur (Take a left turn here) - Bheemeshwari
Return route: Bheemeshwari - Halasaru (Take a right turn here) - Sathanur - Kanakpura - Bangalore
Distance: From my place in Koramangala Bheemeshwari is around 100 kms.

Road condition: In general the road condition is good and the broken stretches are mostly repaired now. In another two three months good roads are expected. We did couple of bad stretches though, on the way back from Bheemeshwari to Halagaru.

Ride Year 2007 begins with a good ride, I would be doing a lot of rides this year. I have been thinking of Leh/Ladakh for a very long time now and seeing all those other bikers' blogs and pix I feel that I need to be there.

I will be there.. Soon


jsr said...

The first picture is good indeed! and also the last one :)

Kam said...

I think I got ur signal ;) & in this way 2nd picture is also good (That was also clicked by you :D).

For the first I'm not so sure though, I think I had clicked that :P Thanks!

Prashanth M said...

nice pics, Kam

Kam said...

Thanks buddy :)

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