Monday, January 1, 2007

2006 - A ride year that was

2006 was full of rides, most of them being one day rides. Here is a summary of the ride-year:

Kemmanagundi ride: April 29-30. With BangaloreBikers, it was 7 of us - Me, Shankie, Obi, Sid, Takel & Chol on the ride. Did not go with a booking and in the end we had to sleep in a kitchen! I had my first fall in years on the off-roading from Kemmanagundi to Hebbe falls.
Though we shifted to a nearby room at around 10 PM but a lesson was learnt: On a ride to a cut - off place never go without a reservation! It was a three day ride, but we returned in two days!

Gopalaswamy betta, Ooty and Coonnor ride: June 10th to 11th, with friends from BangaloreBikers.

Ooty was more of a stay point rather than a *spot*, need to do a Ooty special ride in 2007.

Shivasamudram falls ride: July 2nd. With Obi and Mayank.

We went a long way back to Mysore after Shivasamudram and it was a very tiring ride, as the stretch from Shivasamudram to Mysore chosen by us was totally a goner!

Bheemeshwari ride: July 16th, My first ride under BikeNomads banner.

It was Girish, me and Jumbo.

Shravanabelagola ride: July 22. With BangaloreBikers, on this ride it was me, Shankie, Chol, Ashu, Srini, Srini's friend Manjunath.

Madhugiri fort ride: July 28th: with BangaloreBikers, Ashu, Takel, Chol, Me, Narang and Ujjwala went on this trip.

Nandi hills ride: Twice. Once with xBHP folks - thats when I met Vasanth and Renu. Second time it was me and my college friends Sid and Mayank, after Sid had completed his pulsar 150 run in.

Munnar ride: Aug 12- Aug 15 with BangaloreBikers. One of the best rides, the Munnar ghats were too good!

Tried Doing Munnar again on Dec 23rd - Dec 25th, unfortunately I had to drop out after 100 kms!

Chunchi falls ride: With friends from BangaloreBikers, this was supposed to be a Mekadatu ride, but I could not make it as the chain on my CBZ broke when we were off-roading from Chunchi falls. I need to do a Mekadatu in 2007 on my bull.

A1 plaza & Shoolagiri dam ride: This was the most repeated ride of the year - Done three times!

I rode twice on BN breakfast ride to A1 plaza followed by a ride to Shoolagiri dam. Needless to say I met some of my great biker friends in these rides.

First time I rode to this place it was on my CBZ and it was the 'last official' ride on my CBZ, after that the two rides were on MetalBuck. The second time it was Karnataka bandh and we rode to A1/Shoolagiri for our lunch :)

Goa ride: Sep 29 - Oct 02, BikeNomads Anniversary ride.

Didn't see much of Goa though; but the ride was amazing!

Markonahalli dam ride: My first ride with RTMC, met a couple of photographer guys on this ride with whom I went on another trips later on. It was a bigg group with around 36 people in the ride! Also my first 'official' ride on MetalBuck.

Makalidurga ride: With some BN friends, Tamanna and Kirti.

In all, a good experience.

Devarayana Durga hills ride: With friends from BN and RTMC.
Good place and a great experience.

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary and Chamundi hill ghats ride: One good ride!

With friends from BN and RTMC, in all 360 kms all in 12 hours with lots of good time spent in Ranganathittu and Chamundi hill ghats.

Hessarghatta lake ride: Dec 31st. Distance-wise it was the shortest one - 89 kms to and fro.

This was the shortest of all the rides and true to its 'summary' taste: It was short and summarized all the fun from the rides in 2006!

In this year I upgraded to RE Thunderbird, and completed 17,000 kms on my CBZ. By year ending I crossed 4,000 kms on my Bull. In all a terrific year, full of rides and yeah - I earned a couple of great friends in this year!

Resolutions for the new year? Nopes! Not any, Just ride :)


Prashanth M said...

B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L rides.... may you ride more this year...

Ashu said...

Simply great buddy.. You have travelled a lot last year.. hope we will continue the same this year... Already Chams is plannig for Kemmangundi and Wayanad.. what say.... ;-) And the resolution for the new year is simply great: JUST RIDE.. I agree to it...

Nandu Chitnis said...

That is pretty hard riding on the TB and some awesome pics too. Great rides.

Kam said...

@Prashanth: Thanks ;)
@Ashu: Yeah, lets ride!
@Nandu: Thanks ;), The first 9 months riding of the year was done riding my CBZ :)

Harish said...

Hi Kam,
I wonder how u guys make such long bike rides....wont u ppl get tired....especially rides to goa & munnar...........

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