Monday, January 1, 2007

Serene Hessarghatta

It has been a year full of rides for me. I did lots of touring on my CBZ and then I upgraded to my long time due dream - Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

For the past few days I did not do any of the long rides, even when I had long weekends because of the pain in the upper back - Thanks to the weeks of hectic schedules at work!

But I thought doing a small ride on sunday won't hurt much. What followed was a relaxed ride to Hessarghatta lake, Nrityagram and on a very very beautiful road to eco resorts just before Nrityagram was what made the last day and the last ride of year 2006 a memorable experience.

Main purpose of this ride was to break away from the hustle and bustle of city, relax and click some photos and when I saw a number of people in the main entrance of Hessarghatta lake I decided to move further and take another entry. It was a beautiful ride in that area - roads were broken but the surroundings were excellent. I moved on to Nrityagram - the dance village founded by Protima Bedi which takes only 24 students a year in four dance disciplines.

Before we could reach this dance village I saw a road which prompted me to take a detour! Any other biker would have done the same thing, it was too hard to resist. And I am glad I did not resist it! Vast land of grass with this road in the middle, and nobody around for miles! That was beautiful! I clicked a couple of shots and moved on slowly on this road. Further ahead there were three girls pushing there cycles coming from the opposite side. They smiled - I reflected, that smile :). When you see another traveller in a deserted place, which is as beautiful as that a smile is what comes without any efforts.

I carried on and parked my bike in the woods. Mayank started his morning walk and I just relaxed. And clicked a few shots.

Mayank came back after some time, after touching the horizons! Time to move on, Clicked a few shots of the road, so as to go back there sometime with my biker friends, or may be alone.

Nrityagram was open to visitors only after 10 AM. So I took a U turn and came back to Hessarghatta lake, did some off roading and reached the bank of the lake. Sitting there relaxing was absolute fun.

This was the last ride of the year 2006, it was short and was a great experience.

Adieu 2006!


jsr said...

Hoping to see the Leh ride on your blog this year :)


Biker BT said...

Happy riding in 2007 dude !


natslash said...

Nice blog Kam.

Kam said...

@ JSR: Thanks :), hope so! June-August anytime!

@ BT: Thanks babu, I wish you the same & hope to ride together again!

@ Shashi: Thanks buddy :)

Ashu said...

Cool buddy !!
Happy and safe riding in 2007.... So what are the plans for the coming 3 days long weekend Jan 13,14&15..

Kam said...

Thanks Ashu! My long weekend is on 26th ;) thinking of doing a wayanad trip in God's own country.

Praveen said...

Nice find there kam. The grassland and road looks very inviting. can u please mail me as to how exactly to get there ? thanks.

Kam said...

@PKM: Thanks & I have just mailed you the details!
Cheers and have a nice time there!

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